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q&a employee benefits how to stop wasting money

Q&A: Employee Benefits: How To Stop Wasting Money

Under the title Employee Benefits: How to stop Wasting Money, The HR World’s second webinar for May placed employee benefits under the microscope, examining what it means to deliver meaningful and successful rewards in a challenging workplace.
episode 6 podcast

Podcast Ep.6 – Employee Benefits: How to Stop Wasting Money

Ensuring your workforce is happy, healthy and motivated has become a complicated and expensive matter. Multiple generations, diverse workers, hybrid working all means delivering a coherent benefits offering that is useful and accessible is a serious challenge.
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The Rewards Revolution

Author and speaker Dr Naeema Pasha encourages organisations to rethink recognition in the Post-Pandemic Workplace.
actual q&a reward and recognition – is that the best you can do

Q&A: Reward and Recognition – Is this the best you can do?

This webinar from The HR World featured a strong and practical discussion around Reward and Recognition in the workplace.

The Changing Face of Reward

Amanda Lennon, HR Director and employment lawyer, Astralis HR Solutions takes a view over reward for HR and considers the influence of the next generation.

Podcast Ep. 4 – Reward and Recognition is that the best you can do?

The challenge of attracting and retaining staff has made the area of reward and recognition a tricky one for HR.

Celebration Time

Sue Musson, leadership expert and author of Firecracker Leadership discusses the importance of recognition and celebration in the workplace.

Q&A: Feeling The Benefits

Following on from The HR World’s recent webinar on international rewards and benefits, we were able to pose two more questions in the direction of our panellists.
Q&A: Compensation Planning – the key to a satisfied and motivated workforce

Q&A: Compensation Planning – the key to a satisfied and motivated workforce

At the end of October, The HR World’s webinar explored compensation and reward strategies with Andi Perger, Product Marketing Manager, Cezanne HR – sponsors of the session, Dr Duncan Brown, Principal Associate – Institute for Employment Studies and Paul Devoy, Chief Executive – Investors in People. The discussion was informative, detailed, wide ranging and is well worth […]

Equal Parental Leave

Danielle Lestrade, Global Director of People at OC&C Strategy Consultants on why equal parental leave policies can be key to workplace gender equality.

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Onboarding: Don’t throw your recruits overboard

In this webinar we examine and seek to resolve some of the challenges of bringing in new talent. We’ll look at how the relationship between Talent Acquisition professionals and in house HR can be crucial to getting things off on the right foot. From effective candidate communications to ensuring TA and HR work toward the same outcome, this webinar will get your onboarding techniques ship shape.
Don't throw your recruits overboard

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