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Working Abroad

4.5 million Brits considering moving abroad for work

Over 4.5 million UK workers are considering moving overseas for a better quality of life, as a result of the cost of living crisis and for better career opportunities.

Employers aren’t doing enough to keep up with the cost of inflation, say employees

Nearly three quarters of Brits (71%) say they do not feel that their employer has adequately kept up with the cost of inflation.
Orlagh Hunt - professional purpose and greater meaning.

“The drive toward greater meaning and purpose at work is a shift in the deepest current governing where the world of work is headed. We ignore it at our peril.”

"Salaries and a career pathway are no longer enough to attract the best emerging talent – they want professional purpose and greater meaning" - Orlagh Hunt, Chief People Officer & Sustainability Lead at YBS

Two thirds of businesses failing to capitalise on returning ex-employees

New research has revealed that more than two thirds (71%) of businesses do not have an offboarding process in place designed to enable employees to leave on good terms – an activity which could leave the door open for a potential future return.

Over two-thirds of UK founders were motivated to launch their business after working in jobs they hated

Over two-thirds (68 per cent) of UK business owners were motivated to start their business after working in jobs they hated.
Workers report unmanageable workload

Two fifths of workers report ‘unmanageable’ workload because of staff shortages

Almost two fifths (38%) of workers are reporting “unmanageable” workloads, with half (46%) wanting to see additional staff hired to ease the pressure.
People, place, technology: The keys to empowering the hybrid employee experience.
RetentionWorkplace culture

People, place, technology: The keys to empowering the hybrid employee experience

Studies have shown that the quality of an organisation’s customer experience is directly linked to its employee experience.
Nearly half of young workers in SMEs say they will quit their jobs.
Pay and benefitsRetention

Businesses risk ‘exodus of young talent’ as half say they plan to quit

More than half of the UK and Ireland's younger workers say they plan to resign in the coming year
One in two UK workers considering job move

One in two UK workers considering job move

New research has revealed that in the last three months 47% of British workers have either looked for another job (29%), thought about quitting their job (26%), applied for another job (13%) or spoken to their employer about resigning (6%).

Connecting employees with your purpose in a post-Covid world

In recent years, it has become an increasing challenge for employers to ensure their workforces understand how they, as individuals, contribute to the overall success of the business.
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