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Data-driven approach – business case document

In this document, you will gain a deeper understanding of our processes, values and how we apply our evidence-based approach to each client environment.

Framework for better wellbeing document

At ART Health Solutions, the wellbeing of our clients and team is our top priority. That’s why we’re pleased to introduce a comprehensive framework update for our wellness strategy within the organisation. The aim of this framework is to empower individuals to thrive both personally and professionally while also enhancing the health and resilience of […]
Our latest Insight Report: Talent Acquisition Managers

Our Latest Insight Report: Talent Acquisition Managers

Are you looking for a Talent Acquisition specialist to join your HR team? Are you a TA Professional working out your next move? The HR World’s Insight Report into TA Managers offers a privileged view into this professional across the UK.
The HR World HR BP Insights Report

Our Latest Insight Report: HR BPs

This report from The HR World offers a privileged insight into the HRBP market. The cost, supply and demand of the role is explored through contemporary and relevant data.
AI in HR: Report and Survey from The HR World

AI in HR: Report and Survey from The HR World

The rise of AI in the workplace has triggered headlines, anxiety and significant discussions about the future of the workplace. This report from The HR World draws on an exclusive discussion among leading workplace and AI thinkers, as well as unique research among HR practitioners themselves. The result is a White Paper which charts HR’s current place with regard to AI and prepares the function for the future.
How to Engage, Recruit and Retain Gen Z, Written by Gen Z

How to Engage, Recruit and Retain Gen Z, Written by Gen Z

Diverse surveys, reports and opinions have been produced looking into Gen Z, depicting them as challenging, entitled and more. This report gives the real picture – the insight employers need direct from the generation itself.
Getting to grips with Artificial Intelligence

Getting to grips with Artificial Intelligence

The guide for leaders Advice and tips for leaders who want to understand how to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence in their organisation. This guide provides you with an overview of AI and its potential applications in the workplace. It also discusses the challenges and risks associated with AI and how to mitigate them. […]

The 2022 AI Governance Report

Few subjects have inspired such debate, hope and anxiety as the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace. As the headlines continue to depict a technology that could swiftly get out of control and radically change our, this is the first report to shed light on how ready our leaders are to control AI and what can be done to improve awareness and skills in this area.

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