Mar 2024 – The Efficiency Programme: How HR can maximise technology benefits

There are huge promises and potential for the use of AI and technology in HR and in this session we discuss the best way ahead for HR for technology and AI use.

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What does the future of work look like? Is technology really going to change everything? And will HR have to start incorporating new roles and responsibilities into the function as technology moves through organisations?

These were among the questions dealt with by The HR World’s webinar on technology. The Efficiency Programme: How HR Can Maximise Technology brought together the views of Adam Bertelsen, Human-Centred AI Lead, PA Consulting and Kameshwari Rao, Chief People Officer of Publicis Sapient.

In an intriguing and engaging discussion, the panelists explored the current state and possible future of technology use by HR and across the workplace in general. In the wake of the pandemic which has essentially switched workers from office to home, Kameshwari noted that this position would never be fully reversed with a future of hybrid working on the cards for many. In this context HR will face emerging challenges in terms of understanding the new technology, managing the ethics and moral side of tech and AI use, while ensuring that a geographically dispersed workforce still enjoys equal opportunities and access to company systems.

Certainly there are new issues for HR to pursue here but technology use is also a reason why HR could lead companies into the future. By increasing their understanding of technology and the issues around it, HR can give themselves a leading position of influence in their organisations.

The webinar is well worth a view and inspired many questions and comments from the live audience. It’s a subject to which The HR World will return and we welcome thoughts and ideas around this from you as well – let us know what you think the impact of technology will be on your workplace and what new considerations you will need to make in the future.



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Kameshwari Rao: Chief People Officer - Publicis Sapient

Kameshwari Rao is the Chief People Officer at digital transformation company, Publicis Sapient and leads the People Success function (Human Resources) globally – Publicis Sapient employs over 20,000 people across the world. In her C-Suite position, Kameshwari is part of the company’s executive leadership team and is in charge of creating the strategic direction for the company’s global people agenda.

Since joining Publicis Sapient in 2001, Kams has made a significant contribution in creating a work environment that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as building a distinct culture that prioritizes people’s mental health and happiness. She is also passionate about corporate social responsibility.

Prior to her role at Publicis Sapient, Kameshwari was a finance professional and was instrumental in bringing the first VC funding in India for a tech start up in the early 2000s. She later made the shift from finance to HR.


Adam Bertelsen: Human-Centred AI Lead - PA Consulting

Adam Bertelsen is the Human-Centred AI Lead at PA Consulting, where he is responsible for advising PA’s clients on the responsible adoption of AI-powered, people-centric ways of working. He has extensive experience in designing and embedding new technologies into workforces, including working with FTSE 100 companies, Government clients, and other large, complex organisations

An Associate member of the CIPD with a MSc in Human Resource Management, Adam can share interesting insights on how organisations can reimagine their future AI-augmented workforce through strategic workforce planning; develop their innovation culture and policies for a responsible AI-powered workplace; and accelerate the adoption of AI through robust change management and innovative upskilling.


Simon Kent: Head of Content - The HR World

Simon Kent: Head of Content - The HR World

Simon Kent has been a freelance journalist in the field of HR and the workplace for over 20 years.

He cut his teeth travelling the country asking people what they did for a living for The Guardian and developing an interest in how work and employees are managed.

He has written extensively for the national press, business and professional publications dedicated to general and specific HR functions, taking in HR tech, pay and benefits, legal, training, recruitment and more.

He has edited HR and public sector magazines, digging out the best stories and liaising with senior level personnel and high-profile public sector leaders to bring great content to readers.

He has written books, blogs, white papers, features, profile, case studies and more. He has chaired round tables and brought high quality coverage online to a diverse platforms as electronic media has evolved.

He continues to be motivated to find the stories and subjects that matter most to readers and ensure they deliver value every time.

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