The HR World Culture Clash Series

The HR World Culture Clash Series was held in partnership with the University of Bristol and was set up to investigate what is coming next for emerging talent in the UK.

The series included two all-day events, in Bristol and London, and included a high-level panel debates, focus groups and keynote speakers.

Findings from both Culture Clash Bristol and London were put together into a white paper released in 2023.

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Culture Clash event Bristol, Hannah Awonuga
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What does HR think about ‘Gen Z’?

Generation Z is the most diverse generation in history.

It has been reported that they are ambitious, practical, and entrepreneurial. They have high expectations for their careers and are focused on finding a job that is purposeful whilst providing work/life harmony.

These values represent a cultural shift for many organisations, requiring HR stakeholders to understand and act on how this will impact them.

Our survey looked at illuminating perceptions surrounding 'Gen Z' so that we can better highlight the challenges that the HR industry will face in the next decade.

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Culture Clash London

Hiring Gen Z - what can employers learn about emerging talent in 2023?

Senior people leaders and young professionals joined a major investigation on how to engage, recruit and retain young people in an unpredictable market at the second Culture Clash event at RSA House, London.

Feedback from Culture Clash Events

"A fantastic, insightful debate with an incredible line up of panelists.”

"We thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's Culture Clash Event at Bristol's Engine Shed. Thought-provoking to say the least. To be part of this 'in person' after such a long time was a privilege."

"Keynote speaker and panellist, Hannah Awonuga, really challenged audience perspectives and gave great insight into engaging all generations into the conversation. I look forward to continuing the conversation in London in October!"

I am still buzzing from the amazing time in Bristol last week!”

Culture Clash Bristol

Hiring Gen Z - what can employers learn about emerging talent in 2023?

The first event in The HR World Culture Clash series took place on 9 June 2022 at Bristol's Engine Shed.

Culture Clash event Bristol, Hannah Awonuga
HR World Culture Clash Event
HR World panel Debate
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