Feb 2023 – Leading With Agility: How to give your business the behaviours and mindsets it needs for volatile times

This webinar took as its focus agility and how businesses can develop and maintain these skills among its workforce.

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This month’s The HR World webinar took as its focus agility and how businesses can develop and maintain these skills among its workforce.

Sponsored by Agility in Mind, a business dedicated to giving companies the agile skills they need by changing the behaviours and mindsets of their employees, the webinar featured input from Paul Grew, Head of Coaching at Agile in Mind, Elaine Hunt, Global Head of Talent Development and Culture for Apex Group Ltd and Sophie Manifold, HR and Talent Leader currently consulting for the British Red Cross.

Both HR leaders were able to give an insight into how agility worked within their business. Apex Group has gone through rapid growth and change and being agile has helped their workforce continually adapt and respond to the changing opportunities. Meanwhile Sophie drew from her experience having worked across a number of different organisations and sectors where the agile approach has had a great impact.

The discussion covered a wide range of details around the use of agile skills and their impact on an organisation’s work. It was agreed that having come out of the pandemic and still having to deal with diverse world events required organisations to be ready to adapt to change, but at the same time, agile skills were important for creating value for employers – enabling employees to question how and why they did certain things and empowering them to make positive change.

Bringing agile skills into an organisation certainly requires work to ensure the business leaders understand the approach and will support it, but there is also a sense that companies need to stay on the ball and provide continuous interventions to keep those skills relevant and up to date.

Bringing agile skills into the workplace means ensuring those skills work on an individual basis as well as for teams and ultimately across the whole workplace. However it is clear that support and buy in must come from the top for agility to have traction and deliver real impact.



About Agility in Mind

The Agility in Mind team loves to work with ambitious businesses, to help them achieve their growth plans.

The services we provide have clear outcomes for impactful change, shifting the mindset of individuals that leads to new behaviours and actions.

Our impartial expertise quickly achieves momentum while we avoid creating long-term dependencies on our skills and we only stay around while we continue to provide value and impact.

People are at the heart of everything we do.

Our people-led approach is designed to change the hearts and minds of those within businesses, as this is ultimately going to lead to the most meaningful and impactful outcomes.

It is not about simply putting individuals on a training course to help them work more collaboratively, it’s about supporting them through a journey of change, to arm them with the skills and tools they need in order to confidently shift behaviours.



Paul Grew: Head of Coaching - Agility in Mind

Paul is the Head of Consultancy, leading the coaching practice as well as providing hands-on coaching to several of Agility in Mind’s clients.

Paul’s coaching is deep-rooted in his passion as a 2nd Dan black belt martial arts instructor, having discovered the secrets of successful martial arts equally apply to agile teams: focus on the basics; train hard and constantly strive for improvement.

Paul started his career as a software developer in intelligent algorithms to command and control systems.

He later worked in various leadership positions from scrum master, software development manager, programme director and further broadened his domain experience in the telecoms and pharmaceutical industries.

Elaine Hunt

Elaine Hunt: Global Head of Talent Development and Culture - Apex Group Ltd

Elaine Hunt is the Global Head of Talent Development and Culture at Apex Group Ltd, a global financial services provider employing over 11,000 people in 38 countries.

Elaine is responsible for leading and shaping the learning culture at Apex Group to enable career development, employee engagement and coaching at this “hyper growth” business.

Prior to joining Apex Group, Elaine held a number of senior learning and development roles with local authority and education organisations.

Sophie Manifold

Sophie Manifold: HR and Talent Leader

Sophie is a people leader, currently consulting with the British Red Cross on several people transformation projects.

Having started her career as a Cinema General Manager, an operational management and leadership role, she then moved into HR, focused on recruiting and developing talent.

Sophie has led large teams across Europe, Middle East and Africa and has delivered a number of large change programmes across different business sectors.


Simon Kent, Head of Content - The HR World

Simon Kent: Head of Content - The HR World

Simon Kent has been a freelance journalist in the field of HR and the workplace for over 20 years.

He cut his teeth travelling the country asking people what they did for a living for The Guardian and developing an interest in how work and employees are managed.

He has written extensively for the national press, business and professional publications dedicated to general and specific HR functions, taking in HR tech, pay and benefits, legal, training, recruitment and more.

He has edited HR and public sector magazines, digging out the best stories and liaising with senior level personnel and high-profile public sector leaders to bring great content to readers.

He has written books, blogs, white papers, features, profile, case studies and more. He has chaired round tables and brought high quality coverage online to a diverse platforms as electronic media has evolved.

He continues to be motivated to find the stories and subjects that matter most to readers and ensure they deliver value every time.

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