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Join The HR World for our on demand HR events as we bring the issues relating to the world of work to life for the HR community.

On Demand Events

24 Oct HRW webinar

Compensation Planning – The key to a motivated and satisfied workforce

In October we talked all things compensation planning.
Reward and Recognition for the International Workforce

Reward and Recognition for the International Workforce

In this webinar we explored the dispersed workplace and asked what it means to support employees all over the world.
Streamlining year-end HR operations

Streamlining Year-End HR Operations

In November we looked at HR operations.

Professional Development: Making the Step Up

The HR World’s webinar this month took a long hard look at professional development for HR leaders.
Talent Acquisition - Why your employee value proposition is more important than ever

Talent Acquisition: Why your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is more important than ever

In October we took a look into the world of talent acquisition.
HR Webinar - Retention

Retention: Holding on to The Talent You Need

In September we explored retention in the workplace.
HR Webinar - the HR benefits.

Employee Benefits: Then, now and next

In July as we delved into the world of employee benefits.
HR on demand event - HR data: the key to delivering real value

HR Data: The Key To Delivering Real Value

In June we asked how HR should deal with data.
On demand hr webinar - Ai in HR

AI in HR: The Perfect Balance

AI is hitting the headlines right now as experts forecast a future that’s powered by tech. But what will this mean for HR?
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