Mar 2024 – Leveraging Digital Learning Tools: Empowering HR Teams for Success

In today's fast-paced business landscape, the role of HR teams is evolving rapidly. To stay competitive and foster organisational growth, companies must leverage effective learning programs strategically.

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What is the true value of Learning and Development for a company and how can Digital Learning Resources enhance the effectiveness and delivery of learning materials?

In this month’s webinar from The HR World and sponsored by Cezanne HR, Grace Meritt-Hall, Learning and Development Manager at Cezanne HR, culture and employee engagement specialist Richard Roberts and Russell Miller, Director of Learning Solutions & Innovation for Executive Education explored current learning solutions available for businesses, discussing how best these resources could be deployed.

With the value of education and training beyond question, the tools now exist to deliver a variety of education initiatives – everything from onboarding training, compliance and role specific skills, together with more broader skills. However, the panel’s discussion demonstrated how a mix of solutions, together with human input and interaction, was the best way to ensure traction and value from learning experiences.

The benefits of Digital Learning Resources undoubtedly lie in the flexibility which can be brought to the provision of training, not just in terms of where and when the individual learns, but also in terms of the subjects and skills on offer. Technology can now offer flexible solutions to match the individual’s training needs and learning preferences, taking into consideration where they are in the organisation. In this way L&D doesn’t just meet the immediate skill needs of an organisation but can offer a more general learning experience for the employee, thereby contributing to hiring and retention.

Technology can also now be used to measure and assess the impact of training, to make it a more personalized experience for employees and thereby meeting their needs in a more accurate and timely way. The webinar is well worth a view whatever your own learning journey might be on the development road.



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Cezanne is one of the UK’s fastest growing providers of modular HR software and payroll solutions. Trusted by thousands of people professionals across the UK and Europe, Cezanne is setting the standard for Cloud HR software for UK & global HR and payroll.


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Grace Meritt-Hall: Learning and Development Manager - Cezanne HR

With nearly a decade of experience in the education and training sector, Grace has worked in both child and adult education and now leads on employee learning at Cezanne HR.

Over the past four years, Grace has developed an interest in digital learning tools and how these can be best utilised for development and efficiency. She has recently introduced an LMS platform for employees and clients at Cezanne.

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Richard Roberts: Culture and Employee Engagement Specialist

Richard is a culture and employee engagement specialist who is passionate about building highly motivated and productive teams in both start-ups and larger organisations.

Until recently he was the People Director at sustainable energy provider Pure Planet. He helped them achieve a number 2 ranking in the Sunday Times Top 100 Small Companies to work for in the UK in 2020. He was formerly the employee engagement lead and People Director for Virgin Mobile. He is currently undertaking freelance assignments under my own brand – enRich.

Richard has presented at UK and international conferences on the topics of employee engagement and culture drawing on his experiences at Virgin Mobile, Pure Planet and other organisations.

He is Top 100 Global Employee Engagement Influencer, and he was shortlisted in the HR Excellence Awards 2021 for HR Director of the Year.

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Russell Miller: Director of Learning Solutions & Innovation for Executive Education - Imperial College Business School

Russell Miller is Imperial College Business School’s Director of Learning Solutions & Innovation for Executive Education. Russell has been involved in learning, consulting & leadership development for over 20 years.

He has held senior consulting and leadership development roles with a range of organisations and has partnered with many corporate and government clients to help them develop strategy and to design, develop and deliver major learning initiatives.

At Imperial he leads design and delivery teams across open enrolment, online and custom executive education.

His particular passion is in supporting organisations to build sustainable high-performance cultures through effective leadership.

Russell’s work has taken him all over the world and when he is not travelling, he enjoys relaxing at home in Cornwall with his family.


Simon Kent: Head of Content - The HR World

Simon Kent: Head of Content - The HR World

Simon Kent has been a freelance journalist in the field of HR and the workplace for over 20 years.

He cut his teeth travelling the country asking people what they did for a living for The Guardian and developing an interest in how work and employees are managed.

He has written extensively for the national press, business and professional publications dedicated to general and specific HR functions, taking in HR tech, pay and benefits, legal, training, recruitment and more.

He has edited HR and public sector magazines, digging out the best stories and liaising with senior level personnel and high-profile public sector leaders to bring great content to readers.

He has written books, blogs, white papers, features, profile, case studies and more. He has chaired round tables and brought high quality coverage online to a diverse platforms as electronic media has evolved.

He continues to be motivated to find the stories and subjects that matter most to readers and ensure they deliver value every time.

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