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A Transformative Approach

Organisational Development Consultant, professor, and author Dr. Joel A. Davis Brown discusses how LGBTQ+ culture can expand transformational leadership.
Keepmoat Homes Debbie Waddington

Building Culture

From a career that started in company administration to a culture defining role, Debbie Waddington, Group HR Director at house builder Keepmoat understands the power of Human Resources.
Talking Back: How to give employee feedback in a way so they will listen

Talking Back: How to give employee feedback in a way so they will listen

Giving feedback at work may sound like a straightforward enough concept but the truth is that it can be akin to navigating a minefield. Getting it wrong can lead to great offence, hurt feelings or misinterpretation that can leave everyone wondering what the benefit of that awkward conversation has really been.

Q&A: Leadership – It’s All HR’s Fault

Following on from the hugely popular Cezanne-sponsored webinar It’s All HR’s Fault, held by The HR World last week, our panellists tackle some questions left by viewers which we didn’t have time to address.
Mental health in leadership

3 leadership priorities to help engage employees in their happiness and wellbeing

Organisations are currently facing multiple headwinds - from coming out of the pandemic, to the cost of living crisis and ongoing economic and political uncertainty.
5 key Agile Leadership Behaviours

5 Key Agile Leadership Behaviours

In an increasingly interconnected and complex world, leaders must be agile to respond quickly and effectively in a changing world.

Make it Your Business

Craig McCoy has spent nearly 40 years in various HR positions, first in permanent roles and latterly, deliberately as an interim. His early career was in tech and the media sector including companies such as BSkyB and BT. In the last decade he has worked extensively in the healthcare sector working with companies as they restructure, grow and acquire other companies.
Sympa New Role

6 focus areas for HR leaders in new roles

HR right now feels like a game of 3D chess being played on top of a moving train. How are you supposed to develop your company’s HR function when there are so many global and local forces affecting the world of work?
Leadership insights into: Winning wellness strategies for the workforce of tomorrow

Leadership insights into: Winning wellness strategies for the workforce of tomorrow

Now that operations are beginning to normalize, HR professionals are beginning to revisit what ongoing wellbeing provision should look like. With this comes a unique blend of opportunities and challenges for employers to navigate as they support the wellbeing and health of their employees.

Latest Events

Onboarding: Don’t throw your recruits overboard

In this webinar we examine and seek to resolve some of the challenges of bringing in new talent. We’ll look at how the relationship between Talent Acquisition professionals and in house HR can be crucial to getting things off on the right foot. From effective candidate communications to ensuring TA and HR work toward the same outcome, this webinar will get your onboarding techniques ship shape.
Don't throw your recruits overboard

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