May 2023 – AI in HR: The Perfect Balance

AI is hitting the headlines right now as experts forecast a future that’s powered by tech. But what will this mean for HR?

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This webinar, sponsored by Cognisess, saw three experts in the field of AI and HR explore the current state of play of this headline grabbing technology.

Sue Turner OBE, Founder and Director – AI Governance Limited, Jared Skey, Chief Growth Officer – Cognisess and global learning and development leader Lloyd Dean brought their diverse viewpoints to the subject of creating the right balance when introducing AI into the HR function.

Without a doubt AI brings with it a new set of challenges. The panel agreed that it was necessary to discuss the ethical and moral perspective of this technology when introducing it to people processes. The fact is candidates and employees alike want to know when AI is being used to assess or communicate with them. This requirement is complicated however by the fact that sometimes resistance to interacting with AI can compromise its effectiveness. It was also noted that on occasions users can be unaware that AI technology is being used.

The panel agreed that transparency should be at the heart of any AI use and that the organisation’s overall strategy on this technology must be directed at board level. In this context HR is well placed to take the lead on AI, given its potential in terms of contributing to people related decisions and HR’s role in communicating with employees. There was a sense that if a business is to use technology effectively, it also needs to have the right company culture where trust and understanding exists across the workplace and where the technology is permitted to deliver value.

Ultimately this is a fast moving area of technology and the way HR and companies generally relate to it will undoubtedly change over the next few months. As with previous introductions of technology and automation, AI has the potential to automate processes and introduce more efficiency to HR. As such it may herald another opportunity for the function to take a greater strategic role and enhance its work at board level in influencing the direction of the business.

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Sue Turner OBE

Sue Turner OBE: Founder and Director - AI Governance Limited

Sue is dedicated to using her expertise in AI and data governance and ethics to inspire organisations to use AI with wisdom and integrity. One of the first 14 people globally to be accredited in the Foundations of Independent Audit of AI systems, and with both a Law degree and an MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, she established AI Governance Limited in 2020 to advise businesses and policy makers on pragmatic AI, data ethics and governance issues and making a positive societal impact.

She is Board Chair and Non Executive Director for purpose driven businesses in the logistics and financial services sectors and coaches and mentors leaders. Her career spans entrepreneurial private businesses and not for profit organisations where she has led significant organisational growth, raised £27 million for charity and collaborated to shift power to help people improve their prospects. She was awarded the OBE in 2021 for Services to Social Justice.

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Lloyd Dean: Global learning and development leader

With over 15 years of experience in learning and development, Lloyd is a passionate expert dedicated to empowering individuals and organisations to reach their full potential.

As a former Head of Digital and Innovative Learning at a leading energy company, he led a team that garnered multiple awards for their approach to learning, consistently showcasing tangible business impact.

Lloyd has a proven track record of delivering strategic learning and development support to international clients, achieving considerable cost reductions and regulatory compliance. As an authority in emerging technologies and AI, he is committed to driving innovation in learning strategies.

A sought-after thought leader, Lloyd has contributed to numerous publications, conference presentations, and podcasts, including his own successful podcast on the future of learning.


Jared Skey: Chief Growth Officer - Cognisess

Jared is a PhD qualified, award-winning management consultant with sales and delivery experience across the Data and Analytics industry. He has experience building and leading high performing, geographically distributed teams and delivering lasting business change.

As the Cognisess Chief Growth Officer, Jared is combining his passions of Data and People to help others make better hiring decisions and drive team performance.

Along with growing revenues, Jared is also responsible for sustainably scaling up the Cognisess team. The Cognisess platform blends the best of AI, Psychology and Neuroscience to support Hiring and Jared’s hands on experience of using this technology internally gives him a unique perspective.


Simon Kent: Head of Content - The HR World

Simon Kent: Head of Content - The HR World

Simon Kent has been a freelance journalist in the field of HR and the workplace for over 20 years.

He cut his teeth travelling the country asking people what they did for a living for The Guardian and developing an interest in how work and employees are managed.

He has written extensively for the national press, business and professional publications dedicated to general and specific HR functions, taking in HR tech, pay and benefits, legal, training, recruitment and more.

He has edited HR and public sector magazines, digging out the best stories and liaising with senior level personnel and high-profile public sector leaders to bring great content to readers.

He has written books, blogs, white papers, features, profile, case studies and more. He has chaired round tables and brought high quality coverage online to a diverse platforms as electronic media has evolved.

He continues to be motivated to find the stories and subjects that matter most to readers and ensure they deliver value every time.

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