Health and wellbeing

Latest news and opinion on the issues surrounding health and wellbeing in the world of work and the HR community.

Health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing

A third of employers do not offer early parenthood support

Nearly two thirds (63%) of employers say they offer early parenthood support, according to new research leaving those employers who don’t, extremely vulnerable to losing staff to other more family-friendly organisations at the point their staff become parents.
Health and wellbeing

1 in 3 employees aren’t comfortable discussing issues at work

Over a third of the nation’s employees don’t feel comfortable opening up about their mental health issues and concerns to anyone at work, a new survey shows.
Health and wellbeing

Almost 70% of employees are stressed in the workplace

A recent survey has revealed that the majority of people in full-time employment are experiencing high levels of burnout due to work-related stress and pressures.
UK office workers are putting in overtime hours every single day
Health and wellbeing

UK workers demand better work-life balance from employers as 43% say they regularly work overtime

New research shows almost half of UK employees demand flexibility (47%) and commitment to providing a work-life (41%) balance from their employers.
Pretending we can be 'happy' all the time is not good for mental health.
Health and wellbeing

Pretending we can be ‘happy’ all the time is not good for mental health

Kate Flowerdew reviews four simple pillars to help strategic thinking when crafting a wellbeing strategy that works, for you, for the team and for the business overall.
Employees are hiding money worries at work.
Health and wellbeing

Research shows nearly two in three employees are ‘just getting by financially’

65% of employees find their saving habits leave them feeling financially exposed, while more than one in four (28%) feel their finances control their lives
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