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About The HR World

Who are we? 

The HR World was set up to bring like-minded thinking senior HRs together to share ideas and problem solve some of the biggest HR challenges in the UK – and, where applicable, on an international scale.

As an independent organisation, the platform holds regular networking events and covers the issues that matter to our growing community.

The HR World exists online as an editorial platform as well as in person through a lively events programme.

Our audience and circulation

This direction is overseen by a team of specialists in their field to provide insight for HR, recruitment and financial director level positions in the UK.

Our monthly online readership online is circa 4-5000 users.

Our purpose

We aim to support open and powerful dialogue in support of HRs seeking to find relevant and meaningful solutions for today’s biggest issues facing the workforce.

Our values

  • Ambitious: We want to power the UK HR profession and support its commercial aims
  • Progressive: We will work hard to understand the agenda and provide a platform for the latest thinking on all aspects of HR
  • Relevant: We will produce unique, interesting and valuable insight to support you and not spam or overload your inbox
  • Challenging: Where we see things that need to be challenged in order for HR to progress, we will take a stand
  • Community: We aim to create and support an inclusive and diverse range of opinion and thought in the world of the people with whom we interact

Policies and Practices

The HR World editorial policy

Article contribution: Our editorial team commissions all opinion pieces and features. If you have an idea, please contact a member of the team on

Commercial partners: We have a strict code of conduct in working commercial partners and will seek to align with organisations who share our common goals. Such partnerships could include research, networking, online debates, events and supplements. It will always be made clear when any content or event has a partner involved.

Confidentiality: If an organisation/person would like a confidential/off-the-record briefing, it must be made clear in writing prior to the meeting/discussion.

Copy approval: No one has the right to editorial copy approval. In the case of commissioned opinion pieces, we retain the right to edit for style and appropriateness and fit with no further approval needed before publication.

Errors: We will correct significant errors as soon as possible. However, such errors must be business critical or the mistake of The HR World and will not be corrected as a matter of course unless it meets this criteria.