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HR tech, data and ai

HR tech, data and ai

One-in-six employees to be affected by digitisation

An increasing number of businesses are asking employees to learn new digital skills, according to a new report.
the metaverse
HR tech, data and ai

The metaverse and HR: why should you care?

The word ‘metaverse’ was something that until October 2021 no one had really heard of – and it was certainly not a term widely used in the future of work conversation. However, Mark Zuckerberg changed all that when Facebook’s parent company changed its name to Meta. If one of the world’s most-recognisable brands makes such an announcement, we all tend to take notice.
Skills Abyss by Cognisess
HR tech, data and ai

A new jobs dating app that matches people to jobs, based on skill

We’ve all heard of the skills gap: “Nearly 9 out of 10 executives say they are facing a skills gap” McKinsey 2020 survey. But new evidence shows that “the skills gap” doesn’t even slightly do the crisis justice; we are now on the precipice of a skills abyss.
Exploring the metaverse
HR tech, data and ai

Exploring the metaverse: Making sense of the Unknown

It feels appropriate that, in Lloyd Dean's first column for The HR World where he'll look at the future of work, he explores the latest technological buzz – the metaverse.
IT employers claim their company has a digital skills gap
HR tech, data and ai

Three quarters of IT employers claim their company has a digital skills gap

New research from The Open University has revealed that 69% of employers are struggling to recruit staff with adequate digital skills.
Marine Fournier Powell
HR tech, data and ai

This Much I Know: Marine Fournier

We caught up with Marine Fournier, international HR specialist, who believes in the power of technology to change the daily world of HRs.
Adrienne Percival
HR tech, data and ai

HR leaders: Your future is augmented (but what does that actually mean?)

In the first of a series looking at augmented intelligence and how it can help HRs create and grow resilient, productive workforces Adrienne Percival – founder of FlourishZone and AI Tech for Good – explains how this new reality will also be investigated in our up-coming webinar on the subject.
Alan Bourne discusses new systems developments and strategic connections
HR strategyHR tech, data and ai

How to make the most of HR tech in 2020: new systems developments and strategic connections

As part of our Tech in 2020 series, Alan Bourne, Founder & CEO, Sova Assessment, says that linking the systems and processes together is key to delivering business outcomes
Guy Kirkwood talks about Robotic Process Automation
HR tech, data and ai

Tech in 2020, The Long Read: Robotic Process Automation is the future of jobs, not job losses

Recent stories have prophesied a bleak future for human workers. The Office for National Statistics has predicted that automation could replace 1.5 million jobs – however, the same was said about the internet. Rather than take jobs, it boosted employment, and today new technologies – including robotics process automation (RPA) – are set to do the same.
HR tech, data and ai

Tech in 2020: Ensuring your workforce is prepared for flux

As part of a new series looking at the impact of tech in 2020, we spoke with Denise Willett from global employee engagement specialists Achievers to look at how the workforce can best manage the challenges ahead.
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