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Personalised Learning – empowering the workforce

What are your career goals? Is it your aim to be the one sitting in the CEO’s seat? Are you striving to be a renowned expert in your field, internationally recognised for pushing the boundaries of knowledge and innovation?

Going Back For Good

Karen Handley, Head of Future Careers, Virgin Media O2 discusses workplace returners and explores why senior learners are embracing apprenticeships. Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has taken a new approach by coining the term ‘returnerships’ in the Spring Budget, targeting the over 50s with a fund blending apprenticeships, skills bootcamps and sector-based work academy programmes. The goal …

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Enhancing Engagement in a Hybrid Workforce

The workplace has changed and so too must the learning experience, argues Joseph Toma, CEO, virtual meeting and event platform, Jugo. Engagement is crucial if the hybrid workforce is to remain motivated and ready to skill up.

Q&A: Leading With Agility

In February, The HR World’s webinar tied into the theme of Learning and Development with a discussion between Paul Grew, Head of Coaching at Agility in Mind, Elaine Hunt, Global Head of Talent Development and Culture for Apex Group Ltd and Sophie Manifold, HR and Talent Leader currently consulting for the British Red Cross.

Join the Skills Revolution

Many SMEs in England are planning to invest in upskilling their workforce. This figure rises to 77% in the technology sector, 75% in manufacturing and 74% in healthcare.
A female hand with a pen/pencil is writing on an exercise book

Avoid the L&D Squeeze

"Investing and developing your people, is a proven method of successfully retaining talent, so why do businesses stop or reduce this investment in challenging times?"
One in four workers don't feel adequately trained

Fostering Inclusive Learning Opportunities

The most engaging learning experiences come when we have easy access to meaningful, relevant content in a psychologically safe environment.
Hiring for learning and development professionals

Hiring for Learning & Development professionals soars by 94% globally

More than two thirds (67%) of people across the UK are looking to move jobs this year.
Alison Keeling, Director of Disruption

The disruptive power of ‘why?’

Meet 'Director of Disruption’ Alison Keeling - a woman not afraid to ask the questions no one else will!

Latest Events

Reward and Recognition for the International Workforce

In this webinar we explored the dispersed workplace and asked what it means to support employees all over the world.
Reward and Recognition for the International Workforce

Year in Review 2023

In this specially extended webinar we bring back some of our previous 2023 webinar speakers to give their view on the past 12 months and gaze into the collective crystal ball of 2024.

Resourcing Models, Insource, Outsource or Hybrid what are the best solutions?

Discussions on the evening will be led by two invited experts Jim Richardson, with spells at Santander and Royal Bank of Scotland as Global Head of Talent, Jim now advises corporate businesses on their TA models. And, Ross Crook, Managing Director at Sanderson Solutions.
Resourcing models round table

Retention: Holding on to The Talent You Need

In September we explored retention in the workplace.
HR Webinar - Retention

Professional Development: Making the Step Up

The HR World’s webinar this month took a long hard look at professional development for HR leaders.

Employee Benefits: Then, now and next

In July as we delved into the world of employee benefits.
HR Webinar - the HR benefits.

AI in HR: The Perfect Balance

AI is hitting the headlines right now as experts forecast a future that’s powered by tech. But what will this mean for HR?
On demand hr webinar - Ai in HR

RPO Market: Insource, Outsource or Hybrid – What are the best solutions?

The HR World and Sanderson Managed Services Ltd are holding an exclusive Round Table dinner to explore and debate the current RPO arena.

AI as part of the hiring, on-boarding and retention processes

The HR World and Sanderson Managed Services Ltd are holding an exclusive Round Table dinner to further the discussion of AI among Senior HR Leaders.

Equality, diversity, and inclusion: Reshaping thinking for action

Join us in March as our monthly webinar tackles equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Leading With Agility: How to give your business the behaviours and mindsets it needs for volatile times

Join us in February as our monthly webinar tackles learning and development in the workplace.

How can you create a culture of health and wellbeing in the workplace?

Our January webinar tackled health and wellbeing in the workplace.

The role of HR in reputation management

The recent P&O mass firings have yet again highlighted the critical role HR plays in managing a business' reputational risks - and how it can go horribly wrong.
Event with Anna Elliott The role of HR in reputation management

The metaverse and HR

The HR World with future of work experts Lloyd Dean and Alexander Low, from PA Consulting, will cut through the chaos and stay clear of the jargon in this 45-minute webinar to help HRs navigate the metaverse.

Hiring Gen Z – what can employers learn about emerging talent in 2023?

Join us at this cross-learning, in-person event as part of The HR World Culture Clash series at RSA House in London on 20 Oct 2022.
Hiring Gen Z: Culture Clash Panellists

Bridging the gap: what can employers learn about emerging talent to drive better hiring strategies?

Join us at this cross-learning, in-person event as part of The HR World Culture Clash series, bringing HRDs, founders and emerging talent together to build a better workforce for the future.
Bridging the gap: what can employers learn about emerging talent to drive better hiring strategies?

How to put inclusivity at the heart of your job description process

‘Diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ – are these words used so often in talent attraction strategies they have almost become meaningless?
The Job Design Revolution

Supporting your people through loss and change – with Julie Stokes OBE

Loss. We have all experienced it, individually, in our communities and in our business lives. How can we lead our people in an ever-changing environment?
Webinar supporting your people through loss and change

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