Apr 2023 – HR Tech: Ensuring your technology delivers for all your people

Technology continues to throw challenges at the HR function as the speed of change increases and new technology (anyone noticed something called AI?) enters the arena.

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Technology continues to throw challenges at the HR function as the speed of change increases and new technology (anyone noticed something called AI?) enters the arena.

At The HR World’s webinar this month the best ways to secure and maintain value from HR technology came under the microscope. Sponsored by HR software company Sympa and featuring the company’s Customer Onboarding Manager Toni Turunen, the discussion also benefitted from the input of Amanda Chinnery, Head of Digital HR for Fujitsu Europe. Together the pair discussed the selection and implementation of HR technology, how to drive value and ROI from these systems and the possible impact of new developments including AI.

Both experts were clear that any approach to HR technology had to take into consideration the fact that these solutions do not just impact on HR alone. To deliver value these systems need to be managed with consideration for everyone in the organisation, particularly the employees who may use them on a daily basis. 

It emerged that the impetus for technology change often came through messages and experiences from the business itself – instances where employees felt frustration at existing systems or where efficiencies could be realized with new solutions. At the same time, Turunen noted HR should have some form of roadmap for their technology investment in order to ensure there is structure to the way ahead rather than simply knee-jerk investment whenever a problem occurs.

The panelists warned that HR needs to be clear about what they want to gain from any technology investment and that Return on Investment is frequently found in more softer measures – employee engagement, satisfaction and administrative efficiency – rather than purely in financial figures.

It seems clear that AI will prove another game-changer for HR, and it should not be forgotten that automation and machine learning are already established in some areas of the function. However, it is clear from this webinar that HR needs to stay vigilant and connected with the wider world of technology to ensure it continues to maximise benefits from its investment.



About Sympa

Sympa is a complete and fully customisable​ solution that lets you focus on people and smart decision-making.

Our solution gives you a clear view of all your people data with seamless information flow and helps you automate routine HR tasks.


Toni Turunen

Toni Turunen: Manager, Customer Onboarding - Sympa

Toni has over 8 years of experience working with Human Resources and HR software.

For the past 5 years, he has been working in the SaaS industry within HR tech; currently as an implementation team lead at Sympa, leading the entry to the UK & DACH markets from a Customer Onboarding perspective.

Toni thrives in helping organisations to focus on scaling and development with process-improvement and technology.

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Amanda Chinnery: Head of Digital HR - Fujitsu Europe

Amanda has enjoyed a long and varied career in tech – from applications development and systems implementations to project and change management.

Currently leading Digital HR for Fujitsu in Europe, Amanda describes herself as a Data Evangelist and is passionate about how tech and data can improve employees lives and support better business decisions.


Simon Kent, Head of Content - The HR World

Simon Kent: Head of Content - The HR World

Simon Kent has been a freelance journalist in the field of HR and the workplace for over 20 years.

He cut his teeth travelling the country asking people what they did for a living for The Guardian and developing an interest in how work and employees are managed.

He has written extensively for the national press, business and professional publications dedicated to general and specific HR functions, taking in HR tech, pay and benefits, legal, training, recruitment and more.

He has edited HR and public sector magazines, digging out the best stories and liaising with senior level personnel and high-profile public sector leaders to bring great content to readers.

He has written books, blogs, white papers, features, profile, case studies and more. He has chaired round tables and brought high quality coverage online to a diverse platforms as electronic media has evolved.

He continues to be motivated to find the stories and subjects that matter most to readers and ensure they deliver value every time.

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