Pay and benefits

Latest news and opinion on the issues surrounding pay and benefits in the world of work and the HR community.

Pay and benefits

Pay and benefits

One in five (19%) Brits have started a ‘side hustle’ since March 2020

One in five (19%) adults in the UK have started a ‘side hustle’ since March 2020 and, almost one in six (16%) claim to earn upwards of £1,000 a month from their new venture, according to new research.
Pay and benefits

UK ranks third most attractive place to work in Europe

The UK is the third most attractive place to work in Europe, according to new research.
Real wages decrease
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Wages drop to lowest level in over a decade

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has announced a drop of 2.2% in UK regular pay between February and April compared to last year.
Pay and benefits

More jobs than unemployment results in pressure for higher wages

There are now more jobs than unemployed people in the UK for the first time since records began almost 50 years ago, according to the latest stats from the Office for National Statistics.
Women on the bus heading into the office
Pay and benefits

Over two-thirds of UK workers would consider returning to the office if employers covered the commute

New research shows that 68% of British office workers said they would be likely to consider working from the office full-time again if their commute was fully paid for
Office workers have their business expenses disputed
Pay and benefits

A quarter of office workers have their business expenses disputed

Almost a quarter of office workers regularly have their business expenses disputed or are asked to provide further clarification upon submitting them, a new survey has revealed.
Pay and benefits

Employee influence grows: 43% set to quit jobs for better pay, career opportunities and flexibility

Employees around the world now hold more sway in the global job market, with two-fifths (43%) saying they are likely to quit in the next 12 months.
Pay and benefits

Quarter of savers believe their current level of pension saving won’t be enough to live off

Over a quarter of savers (26%) who have a workplace pension think that their current amount of pension saving will not be enough to get by on when it comes time to retire.
Low rate unemployment
Pay and benefits

Pay setting to be ‘hard for business’ as inflation hits

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation has warned that pay setting will be challenging for businesses as the combination of energy increases, rises in inflation and a tight labour market take their toll.
Vver 50s regret not saving into their pension sooner
Pay and benefits

Half of over 50s regret not saving into their pension sooner

New research has uncovered that half (49%) regret not saving into their pension sooner, and almost two thirds (64%) wish they had contributed more into their retirement savings at an earlier stage.
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