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Hazel Hendley

A Progressive Journey for HR

Hazel Hendley, Chief People Officer, Ordnance Survey on her business’ journey to being a progressive workplace.
UK flexible workers held back by tech troubles

The Right To Flex

Jane Amphlett, Head of Employment, and Annie Long, Solicitor, Howard Kennedy LLP discusses the impact of the new Employment Relations Act.

The Changing Face of Reward

Amanda Lennon, HR Director and employment lawyer, Astralis HR Solutions takes a view over reward for HR and considers the influence of the next generation.

Caring Times

Catherine Shepherd and Kath Sadler-Smith, Knowledge Lawyer Directors at international legal practice Osborne Clarke explore the new statutory right to carer's leave and what it means for employers.

Swinging The Lead?

Sir Cary L. Cooper, 50th Anniversary Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health at the ALLIANCE Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, examines the state of mental ill health absence.

Adapting to global change – review of 2023

Victoria Wakely, Director, People & Business Partners EMEA at Medidata takes a look back over an eventful year for HR.
Hybrid working set to grow

‘Half of UK employees now adopting hybrid working’ – CIPD

More than half (51%) of employees are alternating between home and office as more organisations support hybrid working, according to the CIPD.
Integrate your team back into the hybrid workplace

How to seamlessly integrate your team back into the hybrid workplace

Following a month-long stint of solely home working, the commuters are coming back and companies have begun rallying their staff back to the office - many in a hybrid fashion.
Flexible working policies must prioritise mental health

Flexible working policies must prioritise mental health

Now we’ve reached the end of two months of government guidance to work from home, businesses are once again moving forward with their hybrid strategies.
Flexible working policies must prioritise mental health

How flexible working can strengthen our post-pandemic recovery

By Paul Hamer, CEO of Sir Robert McAlpine. Over the last two years, almost all businesses have had to adjust their working patterns with many instigating necessary working from home or different team patterns.

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Onboarding: Don’t throw your recruits overboard

In this webinar we examine and seek to resolve some of the challenges of bringing in new talent. We’ll look at how the relationship between Talent Acquisition professionals and in house HR can be crucial to getting things off on the right foot. From effective candidate communications to ensuring TA and HR work toward the same outcome, this webinar will get your onboarding techniques ship shape.
Don't throw your recruits overboard

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