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A Transformative Approach

Organisational Development Consultant, professor, and author Dr. Joel A. Davis Brown discusses how LGBTQ+ culture can expand transformational leadership.

Bank on Diversity

Charlie Ellaway, Chief People Officer at Hodge, the bank, answers questions on her organisations' LGBTQ+ initiatives and culture.
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10 Ways to be Proud

Pride is for life - not just for June says Cat Wildman, Founder of Powered by Diversity, as she offers 10 ways your organisation can celebrate and include your LGBTQIA+ employees and attract LGBTQIA+ talent - and customers year round.
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All that Glitters is not Gold

Jo Major, Founder of Diversity in Recruitment & Co-Founder of Inclusive Recruitment Foundations, DEI Training for Recruiters and Hiring Managers warns organisations to look deeper when it comes to DE&I credentials.

Reimagining the Workplace

Alison Taylor is a clinical professor at NYU Stern School of Business and the Executive Director at Ethical Systems. She also wrote Higher Ground -  How Business Can Do the Right Thing in a Turbulent World. Here she discusses what she has learned from the workplace needs of her MBA students. I teach ethics and […]

Diversity By Design

In a little over a decade, Charlotte Sword, Senior Partner and Global Head of HR at Foster + Partners has brought positive change to the company and sector through the power of HR.

Don’t Leave Intersectionality Behind

Jo Major Founder of Diversity in Recruitment & Co-Founder of Inclusive Recruitment Foundations, DEI Training for Recruiters and Hiring Managers.

Personalised Learning – empowering the workforce

What are your career goals? Is it your aim to be the one sitting in the CEO’s seat? Are you striving to be a renowned expert in your field, internationally recognised for pushing the boundaries of knowledge and innovation?

Equal Parental Leave

Danielle Lestrade, Global Director of People at OC&C Strategy Consultants on why equal parental leave policies can be key to workplace gender equality.

Represented & Proud

Templeton and Partners don’t simply change our logo to rainbow colours and post about Pride on our social media channels.

Latest Events

Onboarding: Don’t throw your recruits overboard

In this webinar we examine and seek to resolve some of the challenges of bringing in new talent. We’ll look at how the relationship between Talent Acquisition professionals and in house HR can be crucial to getting things off on the right foot. From effective candidate communications to ensuring TA and HR work toward the same outcome, this webinar will get your onboarding techniques ship shape.
Don't throw your recruits overboard

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