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AI in HR: Report and Survey from The HR World

White paper

The rise of AI in the workplace has triggered headlines, anxiety and significant discussions about the future of the workplace. This report from The HR World draws on an exclusive discussion among leading workplace and AI thinkers, as well as unique research among HR practitioners themselves. The result is a White Paper which charts HR’s current place with regard to AI and prepares the function for the future.

Promises and Fears

From job losses and significant change in the skills required in the workplace, to a technology which can remove the daily grind from many jobs, AI signals radical change for employees and for those charged with organising and managing work and workers. AI brings huge potential for good, but it also brings risk to those who use it. At once it seems to be a technology that can eliminate bias, but also one which can integrate unfairness into HR functions. The critical factor in driving the best value from AI being how the technology is deployed and where the human factor still features in its use.

Key takeaways

  • Governance While the UK’s government appears to be pursuing a more ‘laissez faire’ approach to AI, businesses will need to take care how the technology is implemented in order to meet standards in other countries and to ensure their process do not cause issue with existing employment laws.
  • Technology AI should only be implemented with a full understanding of what the technology can do and how decisions will be made as a result. There should always be human intervention where significant decisions are made.
  • AI is a Board Level Consideration Companies need to consider AI from the top down of their organisations. This technology can have an impact on company culture as much as how things are done.
  • HR must take the lead The people function can and should educate itself about AI and take a leading role in its use within an organisation. AI will always have an impact on employees and it is critical HR understands and manages this impact.

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Sponsored by Sanderson

Sponsored by Sanderson

Publish date: 04 September 2023




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