Dialogue formerly Tictrac

Dialogue (formerly Tictrac)

Tictrac is a digital global health and wellbeing platform that enables organizations to generate meaningful engagement with their communities to enable healthier outcomes.

Company Details

Tictrac’s digital global health and wellbeing platform engages employees in their everyday physical, mental, financial and social wellbeing to enable healthier outcomes. It connects remote and in office workforces, and delivers rich insights into the wellbeing needs of your workforce.

Based on ten years of research, working with some of the world’s leading experts in behavioural science, the Tictrac platform has been designed around a proven methodology that inspires meaningful change.

Tictrac’s Engagement model

Tictrac’s unique campaign platform enables Tictrac to run wellness and awareness campaigns fully configured to the clients needs. The platform supports the creation of localised, regional and global content as well as integrating client specific content:


Engage individuals with personalised, expert content, action plans and activity challenges. Fresh daily and relevant wellness content and campaign cycles.


Inform your business with insights gained from customer and employee engagement, allowing you to better understand your user community.


Enabling you to promote and create actions, products and services that drive healthier outcomes for your customers and employees.

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