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Four in five businesses welcome applications from Ukrainian refugees

06 April 2022

Story by
Alex Crowther, Senior Reporter, The HR World

Ukraine Flag

 New research found that four in five (80%) UK businesses would hire a Ukrainian refugee if given the opportunity. 

With the UK reporting record job vacancies, over seven in ten respondents (71%) believe an influx of Ukrainian workers could help to ease current labour shortages. 

Among the leading benefits of hiring Ukrainian workers, UK employers identified the potential to increase workforce diversity (33%), followed by the potential to improve cultural awareness (29%) and access to skilled and qualified candidates (27%).

However, the research has revealed concerns among employers about the current complications Ukrainian migrants face trying to enter the country, with six in ten (59%) calling on the government to make entry to the UK easier. 

The study, conducted by Indeed, also shows the need for additional support to successfully integrate Ukrainians into the workforce.

UK employers highlighted the language barrier (59%) as the biggest obstacle to hiring Ukrainian workers, followed by uncertainty about their skillset (36%) and uncertainty about productivity (36%).

James Reed, Chairman of, said: “If Ukrainian refugees are to settle in the UK successfully, finding them employment will be the crucial next step to fully integrating them into society for the period that they remain here. 

“It’s encouraging to see such a positive response to this refugee crisis from UK employers.

“The majority are enthusiastic about the prospect of hiring Ukrainian workers and have identified a range of benefits they can bring to the UK workforce. 

“There are currently record job opportunities across the UK labour market covering a wide range of sectors.”



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