Engage Health Group

Engage Health Group Ltd

Award-winning employee benefits and healthcare brokers offering free consultancy to SMEs and multi-national companies UK and internationally.

Company Details

Engage Health Group Ltd is an award-winning employee benefits consultancy and brokerage, offering expert impartial advice to SMEs and corporate customers. With over 30 years’ combined experience helping clients of all shapes and sizes, the Engage team are perfectly placed to address whatever requirements you may have.

The Brighton-based team has expertise covering every corner of the health insurance and employee benefits market.

What Engage Health Group do:

Engage Health Group offer a highly personalised service to their customers, giving them peace of mind that their chosen benefits fit company needs perfectly. Their brokers don’t just support at the scheme’s inception, but continue doing so throughout the year.

With access to all insurance providers within the market and with no allegiance to any, Engage offer truly independent advice and secure the best possible premiums. Furthermore, they act as continued advocates to the insurer and are well positioned to help at the point of claim.

Their service and advice is completely FREE to customers. Engage are remunerated by their insurer partners and providers, meaning that clients can benefit from their expert advice, a full market review, and enjoy peace of mind at no extra cost.

Engage Health Group provide:

  • Expert advice on the UK employee benefits and healthcare market
  • Expert insight into the international employee benefits and healthcare market
  • FREE quotes and advice tailored to businesses
  • Help with implementing new policies
  • Ongoing assistance with claims
  • Reviews of current insurance policies and benefits
  • Advice on all issues surrounding employee benefits, including practicalities of implementing schemes
  • On-tap guidance for HR teams or other personnel responsible for employee benefits

Engage Health Group are members of the Association of Medical Insurance Intermediaries (AMII), authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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