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The Rewards Revolution

Author and speaker Dr Naeema Pasha encourages organisations to rethink recognition in the Post-Pandemic Workplace.

Podcast Ep. 4 – Reward and Recognition is that the best you can do?

The challenge of attracting and retaining staff has made the area of reward and recognition a tricky one for HR.

Can HR Really Deliver Consistent Benefits Globally?

Global workforces bring huge benefits to employers, allowing them to increase their talent pool and gain access to new markets. However, they also adds a layer of complexity for HR teams striving to deliver employee benefits.

Q&A: Health & Wellbeing – Making it personal

Following on from The HR World’s first webinar of the year, targeting Health and Wellbeing and sponsored by Engage Health Group, we posed two more questions to our panelists, Mike Hesch, Head of UK Employee Benefits at Engage and Gemma Lee, Chief People Officer at Konica Minolta Business Solutions. 1: Is there a danger of […]

How to Create an Effective and Impactful Health and Wellbeing Benefits Package

The Health and Wellbeing benefits package offered by businesses to their employees plays a number of significant roles for the business.

Employee benefits and flexible working ‘key’ as vacancies hit all-time high

More than half (54%) of workers aged 18-34 said they’d likely quit if their company stopped offering remote or hybrid working, with 58% feeling more productive now than pre-pandemic.

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Onboarding: Don’t throw your recruits overboard

In this webinar we examine and seek to resolve some of the challenges of bringing in new talent. We’ll look at how the relationship between Talent Acquisition professionals and in house HR can be crucial to getting things off on the right foot. From effective candidate communications to ensuring TA and HR work toward the same outcome, this webinar will get your onboarding techniques ship shape.
Don't throw your recruits overboard

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