Agility in Mind

Learning and development for agile leadership and practitioners, using certified and bespoke courses and programmes, supported by agile coaching and business agility consulting. We love to work with ambitious organisations with a need to change.

Company Details

The Agility in Mind team loves to work with ambitious businesses, to help them achieve their growth plans.

The services we provide have clear outcomes for impactful change, shifting the mindset of individuals that leads to new behaviours and actions.

Our impartial expertise quickly achieves momentum while we avoid creating long-term dependencies on our skills and we only stay around while we continue to provide value and impact.

People are at the heart of everything we do. Our people-led approach is designed to change the hearts and minds of those within businesses, as this is ultimately going to lead to the most meaningful and impactful outcomes. It is not about simply putting individuals on a training course to help them work more collaboratively, it’s about supporting them through a journey of change, to arm them with the skills and tools they need in order to confidently shift behaviours.

Ways we can help achieve your transformation:

  • Agile Leadership Training – working closely with the leadership teams to show how their thinking and behaviour can change to support the ambition of the organisation.
  • Agile Training– rapidly equipping teams and individuals with new agile skills and beliefs.
  • Agile Coaching– working closely with individuals and teams to build confidence and effect change.
  • Agile Product Management– moving away from rigid programme cycles to a value-driven organisation.
  • Agile Transformation– using agile principles and practices to achieve business agility.
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