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5 Tips for Improving Equality Awareness in the Workplace

09 October 2017

Story by
Sarah Rice



The importance of equality and diversity is a topic any HR professional should be well acquainted with. How well the topic is circulated throughout the business is another issue in itself, and something to be addressed. Here are 5 ways you can improve the effectiveness of your equality and diversity policy.

  1. Communication

Clearly communicate the equal opportunities and diversity policy with all staff so that your hiring policies are carried all the way through to the attitudes and behaviours people uphold in the office. Clearly define what is acceptable and what isn’t. It should be made clear that the traditional ‘banter’ culture doesn’t extend to anything deemed discriminatory.

  1. Training

Provide company wide equality training. You should present the aspects of your equality and diversity policy to all of your employees in a short, digestible manner and ensure everyone in the organisation has a mutual understanding.

  1. Recruit Widely

Consider developing links across the community with universities, schools and community groups to ensure you are attracting a varied talent pool. In turn, job adverts should not exclude applicants from any background and assess candidates purely on their skills. The terms and conditions, benefits, pay and working conditions should be the same for all employees at the same grade and role.

  1. Flexible Environment

Flexible working arrangements are one of the biggest contributors to an inclusive work environment. Demonstrating that the business is understanding of lifestyles and family demands makes it both a more attractive place to work and logistically practical for those who might otherwise be excluded.

  1. Review

Never fall into complacency with your policies, they can always be improved upon and should reflect the changing views of society. Continually review your policies to identify areas for development.



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