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We provide assessments for understanding people. Hiring and people management solutions, that end bias and drive success, using a powerful combination of psychology, neuroscience, and machine leaning.

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People are at the heart of everything we do.

At Cognisess our mission is to democratise human skill; to enable every individual and every organisation to understand and enhance their true talent and potential.

We do this by measuring human skills, hard skills, cognition, emotion, values, knowledge, culture, behaviour, and personality; all in one user-friendly place. Our holistic platform provides over 50 fun and game-based assessments to evaluate people on what is inside their heads as opposed to judging them on age, gender, race, or background.

We provide tools to hire, retain and manage people more effectively, and at scale. We deliver people-based solutions for creating a future of work that is more profitable, impactful, equitable and increases performance for all.

Our vision is a world of work where everyone is treated in ways that are as genuine and fair as the future we are striving to create. Enabling companies to nurture a true sense of belonging.

Everyone deserves to do a job they enjoy and to be understood by their leaders and managers.

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