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Why a menopause policy isn’t the answer

22 January 2024

Miss Menopause - Sharon McArthur

Story by
Sharon MacArthur Founder, Miss Menopause

Miss Menopause was formed over six years ago in response to the lack of information about menopause in the workplace. Sharon MacArthur works face to face and online around the country with organisations large and small. She has appeared on BBC Breakfast, ITN News, Channel 5 and Victoria Derbyshire. Organisations are starting to understand that menopause is a business issue which will impact every one of their colleagues. Sharon’s mission is to make menopause business as usual.

Menopause in the workplace is a hot topic. In the last few years there has been a lot more information around the subject. That’s all good but is it getting too complicated and confusing?

If you want to be an employer of choice then including menopause in your people plans makes absolute business sense. Everyone in your business will be impacted by menopause directly or indirectly.

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