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Materials, assessments, simulations, games you can use standalone or as part of your own development programme. Develop & improve interpersonal skills covering leadership, management, conflict, change, communication, negotiating, customer service and many more. Online and hard copy versions available.

Company Details

MLR have been supplying materials to L & D professionals including trainers, consultants, HR managers and coaches for 30+ years, to help deliver cost effective improvements to teams, managers, staff, individuals – anybody who interacts with others at work!

The topics include products to help users better understand and improve their skills in:

  1. Communication
  2. Dealing with Conflict
  3. Negotiating & Sales
  4. Personal Development
  5. Managing Change
  6. Leadership
  7. Learning style
  8. Remote working
  9. Creativity
  10. Hundreds of titles in 20+ different topics.

Our resources can be used as standalone development or as part of a wider programme. Facilitator Guides offer guidance on typically a half day course. With paper and online versions there are resources for remote, as well as classroom learning. They provide proven, robust results that will help you to deliver top quality outcomes.

Facilitators can decide how to use assessment results. They can be shared with the participant only or with the group. They can be done in advance and discussed online or in the classroom.

It is important to highlight that these are not pass or fail assessments but help the user to understand differences, and how better to deal with them.

You decide what works best for you, secure in the knowledge that you can rely on the quality we have been supplying for 30+ years!

You can call 01267 281661 or email [email protected]  to discuss your needs or view the full range and purchase on our UK website

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