Audiem is a workplace experience analytics platform that uses cutting-edge technology to uncover actionable insights from employee feedback helping organisations understand not just what matters to your people, but why.

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Our workplace experience analytics platform uses cutting-edge technology to uncover actionable insights from your employee feedback. Exploring not just what matters to your team and business performance, but how, and why.

Our system is able to develop insights from freetext responses giving your people the opportunity to share their workplace experiences, quickly and conveniently, in their own words.

This can be done through tailored surveys, existing data that you haven’t had time to look at, or through comments submitted throughout the year via the helpdesk or on-the-spot polls around the workplace. Choose the best input approach for your engagement needs.

Audiem is able to process thousands of viewpoints in seconds, revealing headline themes supported by deep topic and relationship analysis. All of this through our peer reviewed Workplace Mix framework which gathers feedback on the spaces and technology we use to do our work, the people that we work with, and the impact all of that has on business outcomes.

If you’re interested in learning how Audiem could supercharge your workplace experience insights then book a demo with the team.

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