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The AI Feast

Sue Turner, Founder and Director of AI Governance asks if now is the right time for HR to feast on AI technology.
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Employee Benefits and Reward

The Rewards Revolution

Author and speaker Dr Naeema Pasha encourages organisations to rethink recognition in the Post-Pandemic Workplace.
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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

All that Glitters is not Gold

Jo Major, Founder of Diversity in Recruitment & Co-Founder of Inclusive Recruitment Foundations, DEI Training for Recruiters and Hiring Managers warns organisations to look deeper when it comes to DE&I credentials.
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Handbook launched to embrace neurodiversity in creative industries

The Dawn of the ‘Braincation’

Travel driving happier employees and increased business success says, The HR World's travel partners for members.
employee benefits help to get the best human resources. business concept.

Gambling Employees Value Workplace Benefits

Over half of gambling industry employees rank workplace benefits as very important factor in career choice.

Extended Safeguards – Parents in the Workplace

Nicola Welchman, Partner at Bloomsbury Square Employment Law, explains the recent changes brought by the Protection from Redundancy (Pregnancy and Family Leave) Act 2023, which came into effect on April 6, 2024.

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AI in the Workplace

AI in the Workplace, The Potential, The Pitfalls and The Risks

In recent years, advancements in AI technologies have surged, permeating nearly every industry and facet of our lives. From automating routine tasks to augmenting human decision-making, AI holds the promise of revolutionising productivity, efficiency, and creativity in the workplace.

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Workplace Culture

Remaining Authentic in the ‘Greenwashing’ Era

The world is changing, and with it, the workplace. We might feel uneasy about transformation, but what I see is an inspiring shift towards values that matter. People want to make a positive impact. This is why sustainability attracts like-minded candidates in the recruitment process.