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hazel hendley

A Progressive Journey for HR

Hazel Hendley, Chief People Officer, Ordnance Survey on how her business’ journey to being a progressive workplace.
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Health and Wellbeing

Death of the UK Sick Note 

Michael Doolin, CEO of Clover HR and former HR director for brands including PwC, DPD and BA discusses what the end of 'sick note culture' could mean for employers

The Rise of Non-HR CHROs

Adrian Tan, HR Influencer, says HR leadership is gaining attention from other professionals - and here's why that's good news for HR specialists.
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The HR World Visits Bristol Museum and Gallery for Networking Event

Our Spring Networking Event took place at Bristol Museum and Gallery on 13 June 2024 that also included a private view of one of the country most famous and wonderful paintings.
Handbook launched to embrace neurodiversity in creative industries

The Dawn of the ‘Braincation’

Travel driving happier employees and increased business success says, The HR World's travel partners for members.
employee benefits help to get the best human resources. business concept.

Gambling Employees Value Workplace Benefits

Over half of gambling industry employees rank workplace benefits as very important factor in career choice.

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all promises is ai the answer

June 2024 – All Promises? Is AI the Answer to your HR and L&D challenges?

The impact of AI on the workplace and working life in general has been the subject of much speculation, but what of the impact on HR itself? With the ability to offer key data for HR streamline work processes, AI could be the answer hard-pressed HR professionals are looking for.

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

10 Ways to be Proud

Pride is for life - not just for June says Cat Wildman, Founder of Powered by Diversity, as she offers 10 ways your organisation can celebrate and include your LGBTQIA+ employees and attract LGBTQIA+ talent - and customers year round.