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Realising Potential

Carolyn Miller’s career has always been powered by the need to make positive business impact.

Why a menopause policy isn’t the answer

Menopause in the workplace is a hot topic. In the last few years there has been a lot more information around the subject. That’s all good but is it getting too complicated and confusing?

An anchor in the storm

Becky Cantieri, Chief People Officer at SurveyMonkey discusses how HR can unlock its full potential in 2024.
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Revealing Brand Identity: Essential Role To Success

Recent research findings shed light on the importance of employer value proposition (EVP) and active employer brand management in organisational success and candidate attraction.

Navigating Parenthood – Parent Mental Health Day 2024

Statutory Paternity Leave to expand provisions to better address the mental health needs of parents.

Post With Care

The case of the Post Office’s Horizon system offers a cautionary tale for HR professionals.

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AI and Technology: A Swift Return on Investment

As technology becomes more sophisticated, tailored and impressive, HR has a considerable task on its hands to understand what solution or system is best for its business.
It's all HRs Fault Webinar

It’s All HR’s Fault

Despite being a trusted voice in the C-suite, HR is still viewed with distrust and outright disdain by many employees – the very people HR is there to support.
Gen Z report

How to engage, recruit and retain Gen Z Written by Gen Z

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Talent Acquisition

AI in Recruitment: Lessons Learned

Dan Black is Global Talent Attraction and Acquisition Leader at EY. Here he examines the influence and potential of the latest technology for recruitment. In my 25+ years working in recruiting, few topics have elicited the varying opinions among jobseekers as AI. While some candidates are skeptical; others are excited about the prospect of a […]