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What are the top 3 workplace issues facing women?

03 July 2017

Story by
Sarah Rice


In a survey of over 9500 women across the G20 countries, the Thomson Reuters Foundation were able to gage the top 3 biggest issues women are currently dealing with in the workplace. Globally the biggest concern felt was work/life balance and following this was concern around equal pay and the reality of women often being denied the same career opportunities as men. So which concerns were highest ranked for women in the UK?

UK results

1)      Equal Pay

Top of the agenda for workplace unease is the issue of equal pay. Poll results found that only one in three women were confident they are earning the same as their male counterparts and 51% noted this is the biggest challenge facing women in the workplace. Despite government efforts to counteract a history of unequal pay, it would seem that at ground level these changes are often still minimal.

2)      Harassment

22% of women would be forthcoming and report harassment at work if they felt they had been mistreated. This is in confusion with the reporting that 30% of women felt they had in fact been mistreated at work and 54% said they would never or rarely report this to anyone.

3)      Work/life demands

Finally, by comparison to other G20 women, British females lacked confidence in the possibility that they could have children without hindering their careers. Only 29% of those surveyed believe that their careers are not held back by the commitment of also having children.

The survey did however find some positive trends for the future prospects of women in the workplace. Of the minority who rated these challenges with low scores, suggesting they don’t feel the issue affects them, the demographic was largely younger women. More younger women felt that having children would not hold their career back in any way and these same women also felt that they had just as much chance of starting their own business as men would.



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