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Two thirds of women say menopause symptoms impact them at work

Story by
Sarah Rice, Editor and Director, The HR World

2/3 of women say menopause symptoms impact them at work

Nearly two-thirds of women (62%) who experienced menopause symptoms said that this impacted them at work, accoerding to new research from Vodafone.

Findings from more than 5000 women in five different countries reveals a third (33%) of those who had symptoms said they hid this at work, and 50% felt there is stigma around talking about the menopause.

Four in 10 (43%) of women in the UK who experienced menopause symptoms said they have felt too embarrassed to ask for support in the workplace, rising to 63% of women aged 18-44 in the UK.

Two-thirds (64%) of women in the UK agree there should be more workplace support for women going through menopause.

Vodafone estimates that around 15% of Vodafone’s 100,000 employees will be currently experiencing the menopause and has launched a programme to ensure employees feel comfortable seeking support.

The global commitment will introduce support and assistance as well as training and awareness. This is in addition to existing policies enabling employees to take leave for sickness and medical treatment, opt for flexible working and access support and care through Vodafone’s Employee Assistance programme.

Clare Corkish, HR Director at Vodafone UK, said: “Vodafone is committed to supporting employees through every life stage. We recognise the significant impact that the menopause can have on women and understand how important it is that they feel fully supported in the workplace.

“We hope our new commitment and awareness training will create an environment where women feel encouraged to seek the support they need and are comfortable to talk openly about what they are going through.”




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