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‘Two million workers set to change job before Christmas’

12 October 2021

Story by
Sarah Rice


More than two million UK workers are planning on changing jobs before Christmas, according to a new poll.

Currently, 6% of the UK workforce are already on their notice period, while a further 26% are actively job hunting as the labour market kicks into gear and workers plan their next career move.

The research, from Totaljobs, shows not only an increase in people starting new jobs in the months ahead but an expected rise in industry-hopping, with 75% of jobseekers reporting they are more likely to consider working in a different industry following Covid-19.

For those that already switched industries during the last year, less than one in five (18%) plan to move back to their previous industry.

Totaljobs CEO, Jon Wilson, said: “With Covid-19 changing our day-to-day working lives, people are increasingly searching for work-life balance, flexibility or simply for a job they can get more satisfaction out of, and they’ll look to other industries to find it.

“With a record number of job vacancies this summer, many industries who had to hit pause on their hiring in the height of the pandemic are now experiencing labour shortages, and these are likely to continue in the coming months.”



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