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The ‘great incorporation’ is here – record number of businesses set up in 2021

26 April 2022

Story by
Sarah Rice, Editor and Director, The HR World

Business woman

New research has revealed a record number of Brits launched their own business in 2021, with more than 810,000 new companies being incorporated.

A report on e-learning by Go1 showed this is an increase of 21 per cent, a new record. The data also shows a third of Brits (32 per cent) undertook training to launch their own company, suggesting a trend that will continue to lead to a new generation of entrepreneurs.

The research of 1000 UK residents shows there was also an increase in upskilling overall, with early half of Brits taking additional steps to upskill in the hope of changing career.

This showed that those in the 25-44 age range were most likely to seek to add skills to their bow, the researchers also found one in five workers over the age of 55 are considering a career change.

Of the top 5 eLearning courses, people and communication skills (13%) sits high followed by leadership (11%) showing that interpersonal communication are dominant areas the nation wishes to be better equipped.

Chris Eigeland, CRO and co-founder of Go1, said: “Our research shows that you’re never too old to learn, to change careers or even to launch your own business.

“Seeing interpersonal and wellbeing skills so high on the list of Brits’ priorities is also really positive and shows how far the conversation around supportive, inclusive and empathetic workplaces has come, something we feel passionate about at Go1.”

Mental health and work/life balance continue to be an important topic of conversation for employers and employees across the country, and Go1’s report shows 50% of Brits have experienced better mental health as a result of learning a new skill.

Soft skills dominate also, with 50% of learners taking a course in topics such as people skills, listening skills and empathy. What’s more, nearly two thirds (64 per cent) wish soft skills were taught in schools, showing a significant gap in education that is being carried through into the workplace.



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