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In defence of the young: Employers must recruit for tomorrow – not just today

"It’s time for fresh, engaged thinking that capitalises on the crisis around talent to drive innovation. Only then will we really start to lay the bedrock for an employment landscape that our brightest and best young talent will want to meaningfully connect with." - Rob Taffinder, assistant director of the University of Bristol's Careers Service
Company culture is priority for more than half of young jobseekers
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Company culture is priority for more than half of young jobseekers

Culture is the most important factor when deciding whether to accept a new role for half (50%) of 21–28-year olds in full-time employment, while another 41% said culture is one of their main considerations, new research has found.
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When company culture is more than just a football table

Culture. Founders love and fear it. Get it right, you've got an A-star team for the long haul. Get it wrong and your team goes, leaving you with some painful Glassdoor reviews to read. For instance, a recent survey titled “The Cultural Economy”, suggests that 34 percent of people leave their jobs due in some way to poor culture.
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