Women choose to work closer to home

Women choose to work closer to home

A new study from Comparethemarket.com, based on a report from the Office of National Statistics, shows that at their peak, the average man spends 51 minutes a day commuting, compared to women who peak at 43 minutes a day.

The average woman begins to cut her commute at age 31, which coincides with the age when women are becoming mothers - the latest figures show the highest number of births are to mothers aged 30 to 34.

The study suggests the so-called ‘commuting gap’ could be contributing to the overarching gender pay gap and hindering career progression.

Kamran Altaf, Head of Life Insurance at comparethemarket.com, said: “It’s unsettling to think commuting time might impact salaries for women, but it’s understandable that starting a family may restrict the amount of time you want to spend commuting. 

“Coupling this with the fact that lots of higher salaried jobs involve commuting to a neighbouring city or beyond, it’s clear to see why the commuter gap does exist.”

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