WEBINAR ALERT: Death of the CV Part II

WEBINAR ALERT: Death of the CV Part II

A dream of any hiring manager and recruiter is to have the ability that would allow them to look into the future to examine how employees perform before they are actually hired.

Especially now with everyone chasing the same talent, it is more difficult than ever to find and attract the best-fit candidates.

By removing bias from your hiring process, can you prevent wrongfully rejecting candidates and as a result create a talent pool that is diverse and inclusive?

Can you avoid your talent pool from increasingly shrinking, removing bias from your hiring process should be your number one priority?

Well, according to some experts you need to replace the traditional resume with 'talent analytics'.

Because unlike CVs, talent analytics allows you to gain insights into the unconscious behavioural and cognitive processes of candidates. Moreover, they provide a more structured, standardized overview of the candidate in a data-driven way.

Join HR World editor Sarah Rice as she moderates an expert panel Join our panel discussion on May 26th at 1pm. Charlotte Melkert, together with Alan Furley, Michaela Bartlam to  discuss this and more.

The event is a second part of an event held in March this year.

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