UK workers change jobs if workspace not up to scratch

UK workers change jobs if workspace not up to scratch

Almost half of UK workers would change jobs if they didn’t like their workspace, according to new research.

The survey of more than 1,000 UK office workers from a range of industries, carried out by national property specialist Matthews & Goodman, found 44% of employees would “definitely” look for a new job because of an “unpleasant” workplace.

In addition, a further 45% said it “might” encourage them to look around for a new job.

David Laws, Partner, Matthews & Goodman said: “The office environment is becoming an increasingly important consideration for many employees, across all generations especially, given the growing  body of opinion that office design can have a significant impact on employee wellbeing and productivity, as well as talent attraction and retention.

“Most businesses now recognise the value and importance of good office design. We know for example that creating an environment which allows different activities to be performed as individuals and teams over the course of the working day, can have a profound impact on productivity. 

When asked to rate various characteristics of an office, a tidy workplace was voted the most desired by almost three in ten respondents, whilst a good kitchen and a comfortable break-out area were also factors.

However, more than three quarters of respondents did not consider having access to the latest office tech and applications as important.

Laws said: “Being able to cut through the fads and fashions of office design is important and, it’s very telling that one of the survey’s findings is that office workers actually prefer a traditional workplace.

“Many businesses are investing heavily to create workplaces which are engaging, homely and differentiating however, our survey highlighted the fact that employees are simply looking for a space which allows them to be productive.”

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