The HR World partners with executive search firm to support workplace and economic recovery

The HR World partners with executive search firm to  support workplace and economic recovery

The HR world has announced a key partnership with a startup focused on senior HRs as part of its ongoing commitment to the UK’s people industry.

Maru HR has been founded by expert recruiter Hannah Waddington who created the business to develop a unique offer to the HR space, drawing on the expertise of The HR World founders Mike Beesley and Keith Dawe.

The partnership will see a series of investigations being conducted into core issues for HR as a result of the pandemic and also seek to provide disruptive market thinking around pricing and offer.

Mike Beesley, whose backfound in building recruitment businesses spans more than four decades, said: “I’ve worked with some of the best HR professionals in the country for many years and the timing for a different way of thinking is very much needed.

“There is a lot of work to be done in the workplace to ensure that productivity and creativity, the two engines of business, are not just retained but also adapted for the future in a way that puts us at an advantage as a global economy.

“Maru’s philosophy is that there has never been a more important time for HR leaders to be supported in this important work and we are delighted to have Hannah join TIMESTWO as founder. With her expertise and insight, she is exactly the right person to take this business forward.”

Maru will be headquarted in Southampton with offices in Bristol and London. 

Hannah, who has spent the past seven years in business change and transformation recruitment, said: “This is an incredible opportunity to really get to the heart of what makes senior HR people tick and help them build their own careers and that of their teams. 

“I truly believe that it was FDs that got us through the last recession, and it will be HRDs that save us in this one. Working with the team at TIMESTWO and The HR World means I’m already in a great position and look forward to building a business that is fit-for-purpose in this new world of work.”

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