Employers struggling to hire, but confidence high for recruiting in 2020

Employers struggling to hire, but confidence high for recruiting in 2020

More than four fifths of employers believe that lack of relevant candidates is affecting their recruitment efforts, but nearly 90% still feel confident about hiring this year.

The contradictory findings come from a survey of more than 300 employers, released by CV-Library. It reveals more than half of businesses plan on increasing their level of hiring in 2020, despite two-thirds stating their budgets will remain the same.

Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library, said: “We know that a number of factors have impacted hiring in recent months. From the General Election, to ongoing economic uncertainty; good candidates have a choice and this means it’s harder to recruit than ever before. Despite this, employers are confident about their plans for 2020 and this is a massive positive.”

When asked what their top recruiting priorities are for the year ahead, almost two thirds of respondents cited attracting higher quality candidates as the most important, followed by reducing cost per hire, building talent pools for the future, developing their employer brand and reducing time to hire. 

Mr Biggins said: “Clearly, our findings suggest that businesses are recognising the need to focus on quality over quantity; and this will be crucial if you are hoping to attract the best candidates to your jobs. 

“Certain pressures are encouraging businesses to think outside the box when hiring. Whether that’s how they define what a qualified candidate looks like, or how they measure the success of their process.”

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