DfE forecasts increase in part-time jobs

DfE forecasts increase in part-time jobs

Latest figures, from the Department for Education, forecast growth in the number of available jobs, with part-time roles seeing the biggest increase. 

The Working Futures Report forecasts the number of jobs in the UK will rise by about 960,000 between 2017 and 2027 continuing the slowing trend in employment growth seen since the 2016 referendum. 

While full-time jobs account for about 60% of all jobs going forward, part-time jobs are expected to account for just under 30% of all jobs by 2027. 

According to the report: “This is largely due to the increasing availability and the attractiveness of part-time contracts, as firms try to foster more flexible work environments.”

Self-employment is expected to fall across most sectors, accounting for just over one in ten jobs by 2027. The report states: “This ends more than a decade of strong growth in self-employment, which was fuelled by limited job opportunities during the recession, with self-employment providing an alternative to unemployment.”

The strongest rates of growth are expected in business, including professional services, scientific research and development and information technology. Other services, such as distribution and finance, and insurance will continue to be impacted by innovation, which is reducing the demand for labour.

Jobs are expected to become more skilled. For example in the manufacturing sector a decline in employment is forecast but output and productivity is expected to grow, implying that jobs in the sector will become more skilled.

The largest source of decline over the course of the decade is projected to be administrative and secretarial occupations, with 390,000 fewer jobs. 

Jobs for managers, professionals and associate professionals are expected to increase by two million over the course of the decade, with caring, leisure and other service roles also expected to see a growth of more than 400,000 additional jobs. This is expected to especially benefit female workers.

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