Common purpose is the key to staff retention

Common purpose is the key to staff retention

Fulfilling and meaningful work is the top reason that UK workers remain with their current employer, according to a new report.

Research conducted by employee engagement specialsits People Insight found that when employees were asked what would keep them at their company for the next two years, the key factors were not about how much they are paid but whether their values align with the company and whether the work is varied and challenging and if there are opportunities for career development.

Carolyn Nevitte, from People Insight, said: “Our employee research has long demonstrated the importance of a role that’s interesting and challenging, with opportunities for career development as critical to employee engagement.

"However, by looking at intention to stay as a statistical endpoint, we’ve found that company purpose nudges ahead as a key driver. This provides critical evidence for our colleagues as we drive for our organisations to become more purpose-led.”

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