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More than three quarters of UK professionals intend to look for a new job in 2022

09 December 2021

Story by
Alex Crowther

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‘The Great Resignation’ is set to continue with  76.4% of UK professionals reporting that they intend to look for a new role in 2022.

The latest survey from the UK’s leading independent job board, CV-Library, revealed that a  further 57.6% plan to reskill or retrain next year.

The driving factor is the belief it will make them more employable, with the desire for a more meaningful career, better long-term job security and being unable to find a suitable job with their current skills, the other main factors in choosing to re-skill.

Almost half (47%) revealed that they know someone who has already resigned in 2021 and with the pattern looking set to increase further in 2022, we asked the 2,000 respondents for the main area’s employers should focus upon to ensure that they don’t lose their best staff 2022.

Lee Biggins, CEO and founder of CV-Library, said: “The combination of confidence slowly building in the UK economy in the six months since ‘Freedom Day’ and the pandemic triggering people to re-assess their lives and search for more happiness, money and flexibility; has created a perfect storm in the job market.”



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