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HR focuses on engagement to improve recruitment and retention

19 March 2020

Story by
Sarah Rice


Almost half of HR professionals say improving employee engagement is the top strategic HR priority within their organisation today, according to a recent survey.

One in five say that insights gleaned from employee engagement have a significant part to play in the future strategic direction of recruitment, according to a recent independent study commissioned by live polling app technology company Vevox.

However, half of HR leaders cite perceived lack of development opportunities as one of the top biggest organisational challenges when it comes to attracting and retaining staff, and nearly a third cite lack of employee recognition and reward as an additional obstacle.

The study also found that two-fifths of the respondents use staff turnover rate as a key performance indicator of their internal communications strategy.

Pete Eyre, managing director at Vevox, said: “Employee engagement is really becoming instrumental in the strategic direction of businesses today.

“It’s great to see how much it’s starting to influence staff induction processes, with organisations now using wider employee insights to inform their recruitment and communication strategies, especially when it comes to measuring the positive impact of internal initiatives such as social events.

“However, there is still work to do. Most employees feel happier and more valued when management listens to and addresses more of their ideas, so by putting this into practice, businesses can use employee insights to reduce turnover and help to bolster recruitment efforts.”

Over half (54%) of HR professionals now use take-up of internal communications initiatives to measure the impact of their company’s employee engagement strategy.



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