How to put inclusivity at the heart of your job description process

‘Diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ – are these words used so often in talent attraction strategies they have almost become meaningless?

Sarah Rice
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Sarah Rice

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The Job Design Revolution

Despite an increase in awareness of the issues around D&I, recent research has shown equality is, in fact, moving backwards and not progressing in line with the conversation

So how can those in charge of taking roles to market get serious about this business critical aspect of not just hiring but development and growth?

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We heard from Cynthia Davis, founder of Diversifying and BAME Recruitment, Hannah Waddington, managing director of Maru Search & Consultancy

In this session we discussed:

– Why the job description needs an overhaul to enable better hiring processes
– How putting diversity and inclusion at the heart of the JD process creates better hiring strategies
– What tools and resources you can draw on to help you plan and implement new measures

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How to make job descriptions for vacancies more inclusive

Cynthia Davis

Founder of Diversifying

Hannah Waddington

Hannah Waddington

Managing director of Maru Search & Consultancy

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