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Maru Search & Consultancy

A full-service, UK-wide search consultancy aimed at supporting leaders grow business through holistic talent attraction and recruitment strategies. Our aim is not just to find you the right talent, but to ensure that the people you bring into your business are successful, happy and stick around.

Company Details

Recruitment has become too transactional and can tend to cover only the ‘straight line’ part of hiring. At Maru Search & Consultancy, we are committed to finding solutions for each arena of the process – from job design through to onboarding. We value honesty, clarity, and are not shy of asking the stupid question. Maru means ‘circle’ because our process thinks and acts ‘in the round’. We believe it is not only about finding talent – it’s about helping your organisation succeed.

We recruit in the following areas:

  • IT
  • HR
  • Business Change

Our services include:

  • Video Interviewing
  • Job Description/Advert Creation
  • Onboarding
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