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At Cloud Rede, we challenge what’s possible with SQL. With decades of experience in this space, we’re among the few that can claim SQL expert status. Our team of SQL experts and database architects work closely with our clients to help them proactively manage SQL Server to limit their data exposure, maximise performance and prevent future problems.

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If the reliability of your SQL Server is critical to your business, or if you are grappling with a SQL Server performance issue, then Cloud Rede has the expertise to help with a number of solutions for your short, medium, and long-term strategic needs.

As a leading provider of SQL platform services, specialising in Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL Database, we understand the unique challenges faced by businesses that rely on data platforms as a core part of their operations and are here to provide the support and guidance you need.

From solving database problems, stabilising temperamental systems, and performing seamless cloud migrations to a complete Fully Managed DBA Service and Managed Cloud Service, Cloud Rede has the know-how to give you total peace of mind with your data.

We’re efficient

If your service delivery relies on a SQL database, you should have confidence that it will operate as you need it to. We don’t just respond to errors as they occur – we seek out problems and quickly fix them, so you can be sure that your database will deliver as it should.

We’re cost effective

Because we provide our Fully Managed DBA service for one fixed price, you can be confident that you’ll never overspend on maintenance. You don’t need to delay raising a ticket for budget reasons or waste time part-fixing an issue to lower costs. Unpredictable costs shouldn’t diminish the quality of your databases – so we provide uncapped support at a set rate.

We’re reliable

We understand what it takes to make database platforms work seamlessly.
We’re true experts at what we do; we can find solutions that others might not consider. That includes building bespoke code and deploying innovative software to correctly fix the root cause, not just work around it.

We’re collaborative

More than an outsourced supplier, we’re your dedicated fractional database administrator and SQL partner.

It’s our responsibility to keep your SQL database platform at peak performance – and it’s one we take seriously. You don’t need to prompt us to fix issues, but if you ever want to raise a concern, we’re just a phone call away.


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