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Q&A: Promises? Is AI the answer to your HR and L&D Challenges?

03 July 2024

Q&A All promises? Is AI the answer to your HR and L&D challenges

In The HR World’s webinar All Promises? Is AI the answer to your HR and L&D challenges, the panelists explored current experiences, hopes for the technology and how to get best value from AI.

Alison Richardson, Director of HR Operations, Yodel, Craig McCoy, Senior Interim HR professional and Chair of London HR Connect and Yashar Moradbakhti, CEO and co-founder of sponsor Lingio addressed how AI would be an important part of the workplace of future. Aside from the impact of AI on the workplace and working life in they also discussed the impact on HR itself. While the webinar is certainly worth a watch or listen, there were further questions for the panel to address:

1: I’ve heard a lot of talk about companies needing to have a clear strategy about AI in their business. Is it really necessary to go through this process before using something like a training solution? Surely you can just use the solution without having to deal with how the whole company might use AI?

Alison: It could be advantageous to set out the rules of engagement up front. For example, trade unions are often now asking for clarification from businesses on their approach as they are worried about how it may affect jobs in the future. This is smart approach from a union/stakeholder perspective as it is no secret that AI may replace certain roles in the future and they are looking for worker protection. Personally, I think it’s good to be upfront about where AI could benefit a business in future and this assessment can be reviewed and re-scoped as our knowledge of the topic increases.

Yashar: In regards to AI content creation and training you can see the obvious gains of production speed, which of course saves time for L&D staff, but also speeds up time to drive business change since 100s or 1000s of staff can get access to new skills much faster. This could be quite an obvious gain that would benefit the company without needing a companywide AI strategy process. A standard ROI analysis would probably suffice.

2: Are AI solutions suitable for small businesses? I get the impression they need lots of resources and money for initial investment – doesn’t this make them prohibitive for smaller organisations?

Yashar: Yes they are indeed suitable. There are solutions out there such as Lingio that are also suitable for small and medium size businesses and provide the same core functionalities as enterprise solutions. But with a smaller investment required from the company.

Alison: I think in certain situations AI could be really advantageous for small businesses. At times, small entities would benefit from using a tech solution rather than a person/people. Customer services and recruitment chat bots could be a good example here. That said, tech solutions can be expensive at present, this is likely to change in the future, but in the meantime small businesses will need to take these decisions on a case by case basis.





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