Employment law and policy

Latest news and opinion on the issues surrounding employment law and policy in the world of work and the HR community.

Employment law and policy

Boris parliament speech
Employment law and policyHR strategy

Queen’s Speech 2022: law to ensure flexible work axed

The much-anticipated Employment Bill was omitted from the Queen’s Speech, after being introduce as part of a Tory manifesto pledge.
Employment law and policy

Risky business – HR’s role in reputation management

The disruption to normal working life over the last few years has reinforced the critical role HR plays in managing a business' reputation – and, as recent media stories aptly demonstrate, it is the "people" news which can often attract widespread public attention.
Union claims P&O Ferries pay replacement workers less
Employment law and policyPay and benefits

Union claims P&O Ferries pay replacement workers less than £2 an hour

Indian seafarers hired to replace sacked P&O Ferries crews are being paid just 2.38 US dollars (£1.81) an hour, according to the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers.
Employment law and policy

Ikea ‘no vax’ sick pay policy could be ‘divisive’ – CIPD

Questions have been raised questions about Ikea's decision to cut sick pay for employees who have not been vaccinated against Covid and need to self isolate.
Employment law and policy

Why we need to fight to protect freelancers

Self-employment, or freelancing, has been a cornerstone of the British economy for years. It has provided millions of businesses and people with flexibility, and been instrumental in ensuring that the British economy is one of the largest and most dynamic in the world.
Lack of menopause support puts women at risk
Employment law and policyHealth and wellbeing

‘Lack of menopause support puts women at risk of disciplinary action and failed promotions’

Only one in five employees are aware of support at work for problems caused by the menopause.
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