Diversity and inclusion

Latest news and opinion on the issues surrounding diversity and inclusion in the world of work and the HR community.

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion

In conversation with Dr Luke Fletcher: Transgender and LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace

Research shows there’s still work to be done on transgender inclusion in the workplace. So what can we as HR professionals do about it?
Diversity and inclusion

World Refugee Day: Why Companies Need to Act Now

In the UK, there are currently more job vacancies than people looking for work and there is a skills shortage present many industries. Businesses should therefore recognise the value that refugees can bring to the workforce. 
Hannah Awonuga, Global Head of Colleague Engagement, keynote speaker Culture Clash
Diversity and inclusion

“We must stop treading the same old path when engaging with emerging talent”

“In a world of such vast diversity of experience, cultures, skills and talents, it would be commercially negligent of us to ignore the transformational potential of meaningful social mobility” – Hannah Awonuga, keynote speaker at Culture Clash
Inclusion is not only about ethnicity or gender
Diversity and inclusion

How social diversity can pay dividends for your D&I strategy

Social diversity is rising up the agenda everywhere and will shape the engagement and inclusion of our people and businesses. Here, Bola Gibson, head of inclusion and CSR at Osborne Clarke, argues it needs all our attention.
Diversity and inclusion

‘Insufficient support’ for the LGBTQ+ community in employee benefits

A third (33%) of employers think there is insufficient support in employee benefits for the LGBTQ+ community, according to new research.
Ukraine Flag
Diversity and inclusion

Four in five businesses welcome applications from Ukrainian refugees

 New research found that four in five (80%) UK businesses would hire a Ukrainian refugee if given the opportunity.
Hybrid working could improve workforce inclusion.
Diversity and inclusion

Hybrid working could improve workforce inclusion for 1.3 million people in the UK

More workplace flexibility could help open up new employment opportunities for 1.3 million people in the UK with disabilities.
Only nine FTSE 100 companies headed by women
Diversity and inclusion

Only nine FTSE 100 companies headed by women

Despite a drive for diversity at the top and numerous initiatives to support the progression of women in the workplace, new analysis reveals that only nine CEOs running FTSE 100 companies are women.
Eluned Anderso Welsh woman discrimination victim.
Diversity and inclusion

Is Welsh woman victim of rising ‘accentism’?

Do accents matter in modern Britain? The question has been raised following a young Cardiff woman tweeting distressing interview feedback stating her 'strong Welsh accent' would not suit 'the office environment'.
Diversity and inclusion

UK businesses unite to offer 10,000 jobs to Ukranian refugees

Major UK businesses have signed up to an initiative to offer jobs to Ukranians fleeing Russia's invasion.
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